Your Medical Coordinator, Trish, for WLS4 BetterLife

My Name is Trish, I started a company called WLS4 BetterLife in 2009. Medical tourism is not new in Mexico. People from all over the world have been coming to Mexico for years in search of affordable and quality health care. Many people come alone not knowing what to expect. I wanted to bridge the gap for those searching for affordable quality care and the Mexican doctors who are qualified and certified to provide that care. My staff and I are a team of coordinators who care. We are there to explain every medical procedure you may be interested in. Our team of doctors are the best there is. When you book a medical service with our team; you are never left to wander who you will be greeted by once you arrive here in Tijuana Baja California.

We make every effort to get to know you and fully inform you of all that is to be expected during your medical experience. Our patients become like family to us. We celebrate every pound lost and milestone reached. We are available both night and day to answer your questions and help with your concerns.  Starting WLS4 BetterLife has truly been my life’s work. I wake up every day still feeling so blessed knowing I get to have a hand in helping someone change their life for the better.  I can hardly explain the excitement I feel once I finally get to meet my patients in person for the very first time.

I understand how emotional and scary bariatric surgery can be. Adding that fear to being away from home in a foreign country can be overwhelming. That is why our motto and mission statement “Who’s Taking Care Of You” is more than a question, it is a statement. I know many of my patients have asked themselves this while researching bariatric surgery options. It is a question many of my patients have been asked when they tell their family and friends they are going to Mexico to have surgery.  When you book our services the answer to that question is given with confidence and assurance. I AM Taking Care of you. WLS4 BetterLife is taking care of you. That means you will receive the absolute best care in the entire world. When you ask yourself who is taking care of you; when your loved ones asks who is taking care of you, you can proudly tell them; Trish and her team of experienced coordinators and doctors are taking care of me. 

Trish coordinator WLS4BetterLife