Kim Walker Weight Loss Surgery Review

My journey to weight loss surgery began around 3 years ago. After being denied through my health insurance, I began researching abroad. Taking my time, I carefully researched many doctors, and found Trish and Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon. I spent many days researching the good and the bad of Dr. Ponce, and could not find anything bad about him. I studied his credentials and other people`s testimonials. This is when I knew he was the doctor I needed to have do my Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

My relationship with them began during a competition to win the sleeve surgery. However under some circumstances, I withdrew and thought this was the end of me. However, Trish and the team would not give up on me, and after a few emails sent back and forth, I knew I would not be comfortable with anyone else, and this showed how much they genuinely cared about me and my health, and I was right to go with my gut feeling.

On October 2nd 2014 I arrived in Tijuana, and was driven to the hospital where Trish was waiting, arms open and happy to see me. She showed me to my room and explained everything that was going to happen. As fast as it was, I felt very calm! Especially after Trish said her prayer (I am not a religious person, but it really calmed me and I felt at peace) Thank you!!

Trish always made sure I was ok, and that my husband had eaten, she even went out and got him something if he didn’t want to leave the room!!

After I was released, Trish again went out of her way to take us to a couple different places so we wouldn’t stay in our hotel room for 2 days. Does she do this for everyone, I am not sure, but she is just an absolute amazing person!! Her assistant Jonathan is just as amazing, as he was always checking on us as well. Dr. Ponce, his surgical team and all other staff were absolutely amazing. Not only did I not have any pain after surgery, I was up and walking an hour after I got out of recovery!

The staff was constantly making sure I was ok, and was amazed that I had no pain at all. The hospital was so clean; I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so clean. There is so much I can say about coming here, but there isn’t enough space to do it. If you are thinking of coming to Tijuana for surgery, this is the place to come. They will welcome you with open arms, and take the absolute best care of you! With Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, you are in very good hands!

Holly Wilson

Hi my name is Holly Wilson and I had the gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Ponce and his team at the INT Hospital on May 3, 2012.

It has been a year since the surgery and I can say it was my best decision in life. I had contacted Trish, Patient Coordinator for Dr. Ponce, in February of that year, but had been researching this surgery in the last year. I loved how from day one Trish always gave me the information about this surgery I asked and made me feel safe on this very important life changing decision. Dr. Ponce and his team were also available to answer any questions by phone, which in my case were many.

Now I've lost 108 pounds since the surgery, I've went from a size 26 to 10! I have regained my life and I'm living, not just sitting watching life go by. I have developed healthy eating habits that allow me to have the healthiest life possible and obtained the strength to keep up with my love of exercise.


My name is Daniel L. Fa’asamala and like many others, I have struggled with being overweight most of my life. I am over 50 and have tried several different diets and workout routines that use to work, but as we get older, our bodies just do not respond in the same manner as it was accustomed to. I am a power lifter and used the excuse that my weight was because of the amount weight I lifted (to a point that was the truth).

Recently, I had gotten into a bicycle accident that involved a cement table and bench set that didn’t move when I slammed into them. The bike went under the table and I was laid out on one of the benches. This slowed my workouts down as it really tweaked my left hip which in turn, slowed any process for a decent cardio type workout. Needless to say, my weight continued to climb and I was not moving around very well. The weight plus my current injury really had me not looking forward to the future prospects for anything.

One night, my sister, Betty (one of God’s favorite Angel’s that’s better known as Princess) came into my room and asked to speak to me about something she’s had on her mind for a while now. She had been considering having this Gastric sleeve procedure that one of our cousins (Melissa) had been sharing with her via her own experience. With a reference like that plus the fact that the cost was very affordable and a tax write off, sounded like a great deal. As she continued to explain her time spent on this via thought and research, she then asked if I would consider such a surgery.

I was caught off guard as I was concerned about her going under the knife for any reason and then she asks if I would like to join her and make it a joint effort, sort of a partnership for a better and healthier life that would definitely add to the joy factor. Most people that know me, know that I’m not a very expressive type of a person in the sense that I could be very excited or sad, but you couldn’t tell by way of my actions or expression, but at that moment I just wanted to cry and thank my sister for her great heart and the hope for the future that she has just made me realize might be very possible, still.

My sister went on to explain that she had been in conversation with this lady named Trish. Trish’s title is Patient Coordinator, but she is much more than that, more on Trish later… So, with Trish, my sister called to schedule a time for myself and her to have this procedure performed. To my surprise, we were able to schedule this procedure within a week and a half (well, if you’re going go, then go…). Trish went ahead and emailed forms that we needed to fill out and explained what we needed to do to prepare for our surgeries to include giving us a schedule for everything we would be doing for the 4 days under her care in Tijuana, Mexico.

Well, here we are the day of the surgeries and very nervous about everything. We are scheduled to meet with our driver at the San Diego Airport Commuters section at 6 am for the ride across the Border. We started off well as the driver was punctual and very courteous. As we arrived at the Hospital, I didn’t recognize it as a Hospital as it seemed small in sort of a neighborhood type of a setting. Being from San Diego, California I was use to a different type of setting for Hospitals. We were quickly met with some of the staff that would help us to register and take us to our rooms. One of the staff members that stood out was a young girl named Pearla, she is Trish’s assistant and was there to insure that we were being taken care of and if we had any questions, to answer them and lead us in the right direction. Even though this Hospital was smaller then what I had expected, the staff more than made up for that with their professionalism and courteous behaviors towards us. Little did I know that this would be just the beginning of great service and care to come.

After registering and settling into our Hospital rooms, we were greeted by Trish with a very warm and sincere heart felt welcome. Trish was quick to put us at ease and explain the process as she’s done this many times with different challenges and great results. If you haven’t noticed on the website, Trish is a very attractive lady with great charisma and confidence that beams when she speaks, explains and/or answers any of your questions. So far, this has been better than I had expected. Trish quickly introduced us to all of the Doctors that were going to help us with our journey to a better life. From the very beginning you could tell that these doctors were very professional, caring, and confident in their practice.

Dr. Ponce (the main Doctor for our procedure) spoke little English, but had another doctor that was very fluent in English and Spanish, Dr. Garcia (I was very impressed with the way that he was able to communicate with us and Dr. Ponce). Dr. Ponce and Dr. Garcia conducted separate interviews with the both of us to insure that we knew what we were about to do and to answer any question that we might have before the procedure.

After the interview, I was confident that I was in the right place with the right people doing the right thing (praise to God). The surgery itself took between 45 minutes to an hour; I remember getting prepped and saying a group prayer before the procedure, then waking up with very little discomfort from the whole process. The impressive thing about this surgery is that within 4 hours of the surgery, they are encouraging you to start walking as to help and get the gasses to release from the body in the least path of resistance orifice of the body. What an awesome concept, surgery expectations have definitely changed.

Here’s the most impressive thing about this whole process – After being operated on, you’d think, now they can just kick back and relax and let us recover, but not the case at all. Trish continued to check up on us to insure that all of our needs/wants were being addressed, the Doctors checked in with us at least 3 times a day. The nurses were like clockwork and in sync with our needs and monitoring our intravenous (IV) bags for flow and replacement. They were constantly cleaning around us and checking on our medicines to include checking and changing bandages. I was so impressed with this whole process, there was one time when I was asked by Dr. Ponce how I was feeling and I just casually mentioned that at one time I felt a little nausea, but was ok. Within a minute of him leaving, my nurse was in my room putting nausea help medicine into my IV. This was not my first time in a Hospital, but it was my best time. A more professional and conscientious group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with. This care was second to none – I was very pleased with this whole experience.The Doctors continued to monitor us up to the last day in the Hospital ensuring our progress was going well and that we were ready to leave. I cannot express enough of the high quality of care we received at this facility, absolutely awesome.

Now the fun begins – After walking around the Hospital to move as much gas out as possible, we were now on our way to a very nice hotel in town to finish up our tour of services provided. We were afforded a nice treat by Trish as she took us to a very nice Mexican restaurant that served a very flavorful soup (that we could only have about 5 spoons full before we were full, was delicious though). Then Trish took us on a more scenic walk in TJ, where we were able to enjoy the sights and even do some shopping (which was great). Trish obviously was well respected and regarded by all the vendors as they greeted her and us with a warm welcome. Trish spent a lot of time with us from the beginning of our stay here, which was definitely above and beyond just a business relationship. Her personal and people skills made her the perfect contact and coordinator for us and for anyone else looking for the same kind of security and safety of mind and body. She escorted us to wherever we wanted to go, see, or get (with the Dr. Ponce very nice SUV…lol). This was a great team and an awesome experience.

Sorry for being so long winded, but I actually shortened this down about 7 times. I cannot emphasize enough the deep appreciation and gratitude for the care and professionalism afforded us on this very important and life changing experience. Dr. Ponce, Trish, Dr. Garcia, Pearla, and the rest of the staff that made this trip very memorable for the right reasons – Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Thank You and May God continue to bless you and yours…

Respectfully Submitted,

Daniel L. Fa’asamala


Going to Mexico and getting my Gastric Sleeve done required a lot of research and I am glad that all that time in front of my computer reading positive testimonials about Trish and Dr. Ponce's team paid off! They are simply amazing. I decided to get the surgery done and I contacted Trish, who took care of everything for me.

I went with a dear friend of mine, and getting there, like any other patient, I was not sure about what I was going to deal with. But as soon as I arrived, I felt welcomed. The INT Hospital is extremely clean and the staff is very caring and true professionals. As soon as we got there, they started my exams to make sure everything was okay with me and that I was clear for surgery.

While I was in surgery, Trish made my friend company and waited for me to arrive back in my room. As soon as I woke up, it felt good to have both of them by my side, especially at a moment that I felt vulnerable. During the first night I did just fine, and the staff kept coming to my room about every 30 minutes to check on me and make sure everything was ok. The following day, since it was very hard to burp, Trish spent her afternoon tapping my back and walking with me to help relieve the gas in my abdomen. For everything I needed, she was right there to care for me and answer all my questions.

Dr. Ponce was the main Dr. who performed my surgery. I also got the chance to meet Dr. Morales, who helped throughout my stay there as well. They are both very professional and kind and I still have contact with them. The nurses there were very sweet and tried to accommodate us every time we needed something. I ended up staying in the hospital for 2 nights only and then I went to my hotel for one more night before coming to the US.

Trish drove us around, showed us little bit of the cool places in Tijuana and showed us our room, all arranged and taken care of by her. I got my Sleeve done on February 4th, 2013 and I was 243 pounds. It's been 67 days since I had my surgery done and I lost a total of 45 pounds since then.

I went to my Doctor last week and checked my progress and I got done an Endoscopy today. He told me that Dr. Ponce did a great job with my sleeve and that everything was ok. I don't have any regrets about my surgery, and if anything I wish I had done it sooner. I am glad I chose Trish to be my Coordinator and take care of me throughout this process. I am glad I trusted Dr. Ponce and his team not just with my health but my life as well. Thank you guys very much for everything you have done and still doing for me!


I had surgery in November 2012 with Dr Ponce De Leon and it was the BEST decision I've ever made. Him and his staff made me feel at ease about the whole process and the coordinator Trish was awesome at making sure I had everything I needed! 2 days after surgery I already felt like a million bucks! I had tried many, many times before to lose weight and had been unsuccessful. I am so thankful that I looked into the VSG and went ahead with it, as with anything it's a tool not magic, but it really really did make the whole weight loss (and MAINTENANCE) process painless!

Before surgery I couldn't even walk to the corner of my street without pain, and now i'm signed up to run a 10k in September, my life is completely different and I will forever be grateful to Dr Ponce de Leon and Trish for everything they've done for me.

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